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My life out of the "ordinary".

Dec 2010


Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm Kieona and

I don't go to school.


Where I'm from, or perhaps anywhere, I will definitely get disapproving looks since I choose to do something different from my peers. I did go to a primary school before but I quit after my primary school leaving examinations.


Not everyone excepts me, even the people around me. Sometimes I even get the feeling they find me a disappointment. Hurtful comments like "You will NEVER be successful in life, you are not good at academics", "You will be lonely. You don't have any friends" even from people who are blood related...ouch. I try not to let those remarks bother me though. My family respects my decisions, for me, i'm happy enough and i'm grateful to my parents .😊 


I just want to make this clear: I didn't drop out of school because either I thought I was really smart or I couldn't cope with school.

I started this blog to record down my progress, hobbies, things I learn everyday, and life struggles. During my spare time, I enjoy doing things like drawing, craft, crocheting, baking .etc. - while streaming music on Spotify, as well as gymnastics, going for dance classes and spending time with family & friends. You can follow my Instagram accounts @itskieonalee and @kieona_creates if you are interested to find out more about the things I enjoy doing.


If you share similar interests, or would just like to support me on my journey, be it my thoughts, life experiences, or you just happen to find my blog interesting, stick around! I hope you will find something that interests you on my blog. Happy reading! :)  x Kieona

(Blog published:22/04/2018)

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